How to Grow Okra at Home - Home Gardening 

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How to plant Okra at home

  • Okra grows well in hot climates and in summer. 

  • Okra's will grow in all types of soil but it should be well fertilized.

  • Before sowing okra seeds, soak the seeds in water for at least 12 hours so that they will absorb the moisture. Okra seeds can also be wrapped in moist paper towels so they seeds will germinate faster before sowing.

  • Sow the seeds in an inch deep in the soil and in rows 6" apart. Gently cover the seeds with thin layer of soil.

  • After covering the seeds with soil, water the soil thoroughly. 

  • Within a week, the seed will begin to germinate.

  • Once the plants grow by 3 inches high, thin out the smaller seedlings and keep the healthier plants

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How to Care Okra plants

  • Weeds should be eliminated when the okra plants are young.

  • Then mulch the okra plants to reduce the weed growth and the retain more moisture in the soil.

  • Water the Okra plants every morning thoroughly during summer. During winter plants can be watered every alternative days.

  • Okra are prone to be damaged by Aphids, stinkbugs, beetles and worms if the plants are not monitored and not maintained properly. 

  • Organic neem based pesticides can be applied every 15 days to keeps the pest away.

  • Home made pesticide liquid (5 ml) made of ginger, garlic and chilly can be applied in 1 ltr of water is also effective.

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How to Fertilize Okra plants

  • Okra grows well if the soil is well fertilized.

  • After 30 days of planting okra, enrich your soil using organic fertilizer like cattle compost, or balanced 10-10-10 fertilizer with primary nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium

  • Before applying the compost, remove some of the soil around the plants and apply the compost and cover them with the soil and irrigate them

  • Liquid fertilizer like Panchagavya and Fish emulsion can be applied to increase the immunity and promote plant growth. Mix the 30 ml of the liquid fertilizer with water in a sprayer and spray the diluted mix over the okra plants.

  • Epsom salts can also be provided to aid flowering as they are rich in magnesium.

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How and when to harvest Okra

  • About 50 days after planting, Okra plants will start flowering and pods will start to appear at the base of the plant and then keep producing upward

  • First harvest can be done after 60 days of planting.

  • Harvest the okra when it’s about 4 to 5 inches long. 

  • Use sharp knife or scissors to harvest okra when they are  are still tender and easy to cut.

  • Okra can be picked every second day, so that they don't get too hard. 

  • Be sure to remove and compost any mature pods you might have missed earlier.