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How to Irrigate Red Napier grass farms?

Red Napier can be irrigated through Flood Irrigation and also through Drip Irrigation

Red Napier responds well to Flood Irrigation compared to Drip Irrigation

We can use 3 inch black hose to take water to the furrows

We can make arrangement in such way that at least 5 furrows can be irrigated at a time

Furrows should be made at a gap of two and half feet so that water flows

T-Joint can been made in the pipeline so that water flows

Water will flow from one end of the furrow to other end through gravity

We can also add liquid fertilizer in the pipe line to promote growth

Red Napier farm needs to be irrigated at least twice a week

Red Napier will be fresh and healthy if the plants are irrigated regularly

If the farms in not irrigated regularly, the leaves will become dry

During Summer we might require irrigation at least thrice a week

During rainy season we will not require irrigation as the soil will be moist

When irrigated regularly, grass will be ready for harvest in 2 to 3 months

Sprinker system will not work as the plants grow above 10 feet

Red Napier will be ready for harvesting after 75 to 90 days

After harvesting, grass can be chopped using Chop Cutter and fed to cattles

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