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Banana Farming - How to grow Banana Tree

How to plant banana-min

How to plant Banana:

  • Banana can grow in all types of soil with varying success.

  • The soil should have good drainage, adequate fertility and moisture. 

  • The soil range of pH should be 6.0 - 7.5

  • Banana can be planted in Pit method and furrow method.

  • Rich, well drained, fertile, free working, soils with plenty of organic matter are best suited for cultivation

  • Banana is commonly propagated by suckers with narrow leaves

  • Planting can be done any time except in summer

  • Tall varieties should be planted at 3x3 m whereas dwarf ones at 2x2 m apart.

  • New leaves start growing inside, below the ground.

  • They push up through the middle and emerge from the centre of the crown

Irrigating Banana

Irrigate Banana:

  • Water it regularly and deeply but care not to overwater.

  • In summer, water it every day.

  • Sometimes, it may need water even two times a day in hot weather or when it is root bound.

  • Soil for growing banana plants should be kept uniformly moist.

  • Reduce watering in winter.

Banana Fertilizer treatment

Fertilizing Banana:

  • Banana is a heavy feeder and responds well to organic manuring.

  • Banana trees will thrive throughout the growing season if it is fertilized regularly with nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K). 

  • Incorporate lots and lots of cow dung manure and plenty of chicken manure every 6 months after planting your bananas.

  • Loosely dig the topsoil the soil around the banana tree and apply 5 kgs of cattle compost in an even circle around the base of the stem around the tree and cover them with soil.

  • Wood ash can also be applied along withe the compost to provide potassium for the bananas

  • Then mulch them very thickly. And keep mulching and feeding them

  • Liquid Fertilizer like Fish Amino or Panchakavya can also be use as a balanced fertilizer on a regular basis as it contains all of the micro and secondary nutrients the plant needs.

  • These fertilizers play the role of promoting growth and providing immunity in plants

  • Mix the fertilizer with the water and apply as you irrigate each time 

Banana Harvesting-min

Harvesting Banana:

  • Banana stalks take 90 to 120 days from flower production to mature fruit

  • Signs of maturity of banana fruits are, fruit becomes plump and change in color of fruits from deep green to light green.

  • Also after the banana ripens, fruit generally will look smoother or plumper and changes from square or sharp angular shape in cross section to a more rounded shape.

  • Yield of the banana depends on the temperature, variety, moisture and culture practices

  • Home growers normally harvest the banana before 10 days of ripening when it is in light green color to avoid damaging of the banana while harvesting.

  • Harvesting bananas involves chopping down the whole tree.

  • Once harvesting is done, store them in a cool, shady area and do not the refrigerate the  Bananas.

  • You can ripen them quickly in your home by storing them in a paper bag

  • After harvesting, cut back the tree about a foot and let it dry out in order to allow new plant to grow again

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