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Papaya Farming

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How to plant Papaya 

  • Papaya can be grown in all types of soils. Light soils having good drainage are best for Papaya cultivation.

  • Papaya plants can grown from seeds and also from saplings

  • If you can propagate the seeds directly in soil, or in a plastic grow bag. 

  • Cut open your Papaya and then remove a seed. Place the seed about half an inch below the center of the grow bag, and then irrigate them.

  • Seeds will start germinating in weeks time and will develop new leaves.

  • You can transplant the plants after 3 months or when several roots peek through the drainage holes of the grow bag.

  • Water the tree thoroughly to allow the soil to settle

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Irrigation for Papaya

  • Papaya trees require weekly watering during normal days and during rainy season you may not need irrigation.

  • Use drip irrigation to keep plants consistently and evenly watered

  • Once mature, Papaya trees develop more drought tolerance

  • Ensure Mulching around the plants can help to retain moisture

  • Reduce watering once fruits are growing

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Fertilizer for Papaya

  • Papaya tree responds well to fertilizer that is righ nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

  • Balanced mix of nutrients will ensure your Papaya trees have access to all the macro nutrients to grow strong and healthy and to produce good yield

  • Fertilize the Papaya plants immediately after the plants start flowering

  • Liquid Fertilizer like Fish Amino or Jeevamartham can be diluted in water can be applied through drip irrigation.

  • Boron rich Liquid Fertilizer should be applied after 45 days to prevent citrus from breaking.

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Harvesting Lemon

  • When Papaya appear yellow or yellowish-green they will be ready to harvest

  • You want to grab the Papaya firmly in your hand and gently twist it until it breaks free from the tree.

  • Make sure not to pull in the Papaya as this can damage the fruit as well as the tree.

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