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How to grow Guavas at Home - Home Gardening

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How to plant Guava in containers:

  • Take a ripe guava and cut he guava into slices  to propagate guava plants from guava seeds

  • Then prepare the pot filled with potting mix with equal parts compost, sand, and soil and place the sliced guava fruits into the center of the pot

  • Cover the slices guava with thin layer of soil and water them thoroughly for easy germination of guava seeds

  • Place the pot in a warm place as the guava plants grow well in humid and dry climates.

  • But the guava plants have very little tolerance for frost or chilly weather

  • Keep the soil moist by watering when the top of the soil starts to feel dry

  • After 30 days the guava seeds will start germinating and have grown upto to 2 inches.

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Transplanting Guava:

  • After 90 days, the plants would have grown well by 1 feet and now we can transplant them to individual grow bags for better growth

  • Choose garden grow bag of 12 inches wide and 12 inches deep and am transplanting the seedlings into Individual garden grow bag

  • Dig a hole half again as deep and twice as wide as the tree’s roots. Add a cupful of all-purpose fertilizer to the bottom of the hole

  • Set the plant in the hole so that the soil mark from the sapling on the stem is at the surface level as the surrounding soil.

  • Spread the roots out in all directions.

  • Spread 5-10 cm. of organic mulch over the root area

  • Water the plant well just after transplant.

  • Continue irrigating it throughout the entire next growing season.

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Fertilizing Guava:

  • Guava is a heavy feeder and responds well to manuring.

  • Guava responds well to the monthly fertilizing.​

  • Hence, fertilize your potted guava tree to speed up the growth of the plant.

  • Incorporate lots and lots of compost and plenty of cattle compost before you plant your bananas.

  • In case of young plants, the fertilizers may be applied in circular trench along the periphery of the root zone.

  • In case of older plants the fertilizers may be broadcasted over a radius of 120cm from the base and forked in lightly without damaging the roots.

  • The organic manure may be applied as mulch on the surface.

  • Then mulch them very thickly. And keep mulching and feeding them

  • Once your Guava tree becomes mature enough to produce fruit, fertilize it with 15:5:30 fertilizer regularly

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Harvesting Guava:

  • Guava tree will take 2-3 years to mature and start to form fruits.

  • The guava tree blooms in early spring, but may bloom all year in mild climates

  • We need to prune and trim the guava tree regularly to encourage the growth of large, high-quality guava at the edges of the trees.

  • Keep the soil evenly moist for best fruit production; allow the top 2 or 3 inches of soil to dry before watering again.

  • If the soil goes completely dry, flowering may be delayed or fruit may drop. Reduce water in winter.

  • Guava fruit will be ripe and ready for harvest about 120 and 150 days after pruning the Guava trees

  • In warm year-round locations, guava can produce two crops each year, a large crop in summer followed by a smaller crop in winter.

  • Ripe guavas will develop mature light green as they ripen

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