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Dragon Fruit Farming

dragon fruit farming 4

How to propogate Dragon Fruit plants

  • Dragon fruit or Pitaya grows well in warm-winter climates

  • They can be propagated from seeds and also from stem cuttings but the best way to propagate is from stem cuttings. Propagating from seeds to fruit production make take seven years

  • To propagate stem cuttings, obtain a 6 to 15 inch stem segment. After that, dip the cutting into a root hormone and then plant directly in the garden or in a well-draining soil in a container.

  • Water the cuttings thoroughly to allow the soil to settle

  • It may take a few weeks for them to begin generating roots and you start to see new top growth as well.

  • Once these develop roots, we’ll transplant them to larger pots closer to concrete pillar or post for support

dragon fruit farming 3

Irrigation for Dragon Fruit plants

  • Dragon fruit plants require less water compared to other plants.

  • Under normal conditions, Dragon Fruit plants should be watered about once every two weeks

  • However during flowering, fruit development and hot dry climatic conditions, frequent irrigation are required

  • Drip irrigation can be used for effective irrigation method

dragon fruit farming 7

Support Methods for Dragon Fruit

  • Once your dragon fruit plant reaches 1 to 2 feet tall, it will need a support system to continue growing

  • Take a concrete pillars or another post of height 6 feet and bury the pillar / post at a depth of 1 feet

  • If you use to post of more height the plants will grow higher and the fruiting time will get delayed

  • The concrete pillars should supported by a square structure in the top to train the vine for bearing purpose.

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Harvesting Dragon Fruits

  • Dragon fruit plant will produce flowers during March to October.

  • Their flowers are very large and fruits will mature from 28 days of flowering.

  • Dragon fruit is ready for harvesting when the color changes from bright green color to red color

  • In case the fruit needs to be transported to longer distance, the harvesting has to be done if the colour change starts

  • You want to grab the dragon fruit firmly in your hand and gently twist it until it breaks free from the plant.

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