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How to Grow Tomato at Home - Home Gardening 

Tomato small saplings

How plant Tomato from seeds

  • Place two or three seeds into each small container or each cell of a seed starter.

  • Cover the seed with about 1/4" of soil and gently firm it over the seeds.

  • Water to ensure good seed-to-mix contact.

  • You don't need to soak the soil, just moisten the top layer.

  • Place the pots in a warm spot or on top of a heat mat. At this point, the seeds don't need light.

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Tomato saplings ready for planting

Transplanting Tomato saplings:

  • Fill up the larger container with a moist potting mix.

  • Scoop out a hole in the center of the new container, so that you can easily lay the tomato plant into the hole.

  • Get the tomato plant out of the original container by holding your fingers around the stem of the plant and flipping the container over

  • If you have multiple plants, separate them from each other, while making sure to hold the plant by the leaves and not the stem. Just make sure that you do not break off the roots.

  • Place the individual plants into their new containers by burying the free stem, leaving the first leaves just above the soil. 

  • Finally, water the new plants and place them on the windowsill, or maybe in your case under the grow lights.

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Tomatos flowering

Tomato - Watering and Fertilizing

  • Water newly planted tomatoes until the top 6 inches of soil feels moist

  • Irrigate the tomatoes one to two times weekly to maintain the moisture in the top 6 inches of soil.

  • During wet, rainy weather the plants may not require supplemental irrigation.

  • Mulch conserves soil moisture so the tomato roots near the surface don't dry out.

  • Water tomato plants after any fertilizer applications, to thoroughly moisten the root zone.

  • The water dilutes the fertilizer in the soil so the plants can better absorb the nutrients.

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Tomatos ready for harvesting

Harvesting Tomatoes

  • Tomatoes are best enjoyed right off the vine for their taste and flavours.

  • After transplanting, you will start to see the fruit appear within 65 to 70 days.

  • A fully ripe tomato will be softer than the unripe ones.

  • Ripeness also varies with each variety of tomato but most tomatoes will be ready for harvest by late summer in planted in early spring.

  • Grasp the fruit with your hand and gently pull from the stem. 

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