Chilli - Vegetable gardening at home

Chilli sapling for transplanting.jpg

How to plant Chilli seeds:

  • For a healthy crop, fill your container with loose soil mixed with rich compost.

  • The Chilies seeds should be soaked in water as it increases the chances of them germinating.

  • You can also use a damp paper towel to germinate them.

  • Chilies flourish inconsistent temperature so make sure they don’t get more than 8 hrs. of sun, as it will dry the seedlings up real fast

  • Grain and protein supplements bring a lot of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium onto the farm

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Chilli saplings ready for Transplanting.

How and when to transplant Chilli saplings:

  • Once they have more than 4 leaves, you can transplant them as per your preference.

  • Chilies are plants that condition themselves to the environment provided so those who have grown a lot more indoors will not be able to adapt if they are put outside in the later stages.

  • You can rectify this by hardening the plants with at least a 2-hour exposure to the outside environment.

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Chilli plants started flowering.jpg

Chilli Flowering and Pollination:

  • Chilies start flowering and fruiting after a month and do not grow well along with weeds.

  • Now since chilies have male and female flowers, pollination is required.

  • You can allow it to do so naturally with the help of bees or you can use a small paintbrush to gently brush the flowers of every plant. 

  • Do not wipe the pollen off as it will contradict the very use of the brush for pollination. 

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Chilli ready for harvesting.jpg

Harvesting Chilli

  • After the chilies start giving fruit, use a spray to water them to avoid overwatering.

  • The plants only need 2 inches of water so spray accordingly. Make sure you harvest the plants frequently.

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