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Orange Farming

Orange Farming

How to plant Orange

  • Orange trees thrive in loamy, rich, well-draining soil.

  • When planting these trees, make of pit of size 2' x 2' and keep it aside for 2 days

  • Fertilize the soil with aged manure or compost before planting the seeds

  • Keep the sapling at 1 feet depth and cover them with the removed soil

  • Mulch the planting site with black plastic to  warm the soil ahead of planting, hinder weed growth

  • Irrigate the area when you are finished planting

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Irrigation for Orange

  • Orange plants needs at least 1-2 inches of water per week

  • Use drip irrigation to keep plants consistently and evenly watered

  • Be careful not to overwater your plants, as this can cause your root rot.

  • Ensure mulching around the plants can help to retain moisture

  • Reduce watering once fruits are growing

Orange Farming 2-min

Fertilizer for Orange

  • Adding fertilizer or manure at the right time gives the trees all the nutrients required for optimal growth of the Orange tree

  • For young trees, start with a small amount of cattle compost or 100 gram of Bio-fertilizer per tree

  • Once the tree matures, give it 5 Kgs of cattle compost or 250 gram of bio-fertilizer, spread out around the tree all the way to the drip line.

  • Liquid Fertilizer like Fish Amino or Panjakavya can be diluted in water can be applied through drip line.

  • Boron rich Liquid Fertilizer should be applied after 45 days to prevent Orange fruits from breaking.

Orange Farming 3-min

Harvesting Orange

  • Orange Trees would start bearing fruit after 3 to 4 years of planting.

  • Once the oranges are bright and consistent in color they will be ready to harvest.

  • Gently pull them from the branch, or cutting tolls to harvest the fruit from its stem.

  • Just be sure it is ready, as oranges do not ripen after they are picked.

  • Store oranges in the refrigerator.

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