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How to Grow Mint at Home - Home Gardening 

Mint planting cutting

How to grow Mint from cuttings

  • Mint can be grown with seeds and cuttings. 

  • Mints are difficult to grow by seeds due to low germination rate. But growing mint with stem cuttings is very simple and easy.

  • Take some stem cuttings from a Mint plant of the desirable variety.

  • Dip the cuttings in a bowl of water and add some soil in it. This will encourage the root formation.

  • Once the roots appear, you can transplant the cuttings into pots, and they will start growing just like a new Mint plant.

  • Best time to plant is late in the day or in the evening after sunset.

  • Use a 12-to-16-inch wide pot or container for mint plants

  • Seedlings has to be planted in 3 inches apart. 

  • Mint spreads rapidly, and its roots have a tendency to choke out the roots of other plants

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Mint planting

Irrigating Mint:

  • During the first year, you will need to water it frequently.

  • Mint plants will withstand soggy and wet soil.

  • If your mint is in direct sun, water it more frequently.

  • Make sure that the pot or container you are using has holes for proper drainage

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Mint ready for harvesting

How to care for Mint

  • Mint requires less maintenance.

  • Trim the mint plants regularly so that it will help to contain the plant's height and keep the leaves nice and full around the sides of the plant.

  • This also creates a better harvest.

  • Feed container mint a balanced, all-purpose liquid fertilizer in early spring when new growth emerges.

  • Fertilize every four to six weeks after that and throughout the growing season.

  • Nutrients seem to leach away quicker from potted plants that are frequently watered

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Mint harvesting at home

Harvesting Mint:

  • In about 30-40 days after planting, mint will be ready for harvesting

  • Pick the leaves as needed, or use a pair of gardening shears or scissors to cut larger sprigs, up to one inch off the ground.

  • Try to cut in the fork above any new leaves, leaving the young branches to flourish on either side.

  • Pinch off any blossoms as soon as they appear in order to extend the harvest cycle;

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