Dairy Farming in Tamil Nadu

Organic Dairy Farming in Ariyalur, Tamil

Concentric feed for Dairy cows

  • Compound cattle feed is a mixture of various  concentrate feed ingredients such as mixed grains, sorghum, barley and wheat

  • Cottonseed and soybean meals, molasses and whole cottonseed can also be used

  • Grain and protein supplements bring a lot of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium onto the farm

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How to feed Super Napier for dairy animals

  • Super Napier has 16-18 % of protein that is very important for animal’s particularly for dairy cows to produce more milk

  • Cattle love to eat Super Napier because it is smooth, tender, and sweetish

  • Carbohydrate levels are more in super Napier grass and helps to increase fat content in Milk

  • Yearly yield will be 6-7 cuttings and 180-200 tonnes output

  • Super Napier growth will be double when compare to other grasses

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How to feed Fodder Maize for dairy animals

  • Fodder Maize has 12% of protein that is very important  for dairy cows to produce more milk

  • Maize is a rich source of starch, protein and edible oil

  • Maize produces good quality herbaceous fodder with high palatability.

  • Maize must be harvested at early and full bloom stage to get maximum benefit of the forage.

  • Any delay in harvesting at this stage not only decreases quality and fresh yield but also keeps the land busy making the next crop sowing difficult.

  • Maize yields around 160-200 quintals of green fodder per acre during rainy season and 100-120 quintals of fodder per acre during summer season. 

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How to feed Azolla for the cows

  • Azolla is rich in proteins, essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals

  • Azolla's composition therefore makes it one of the most economic and efficient feed substitutes for livestock, particularly as can be easily digested by livestock due to its high protein and low lignin content

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