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Tapioca Farming - Home Gardening

How plant Tapioca.jpg

How to plant and grow Tapioca

  • First prepare the soil using a cultivator and same them soft.

  • Add some Cow Dung fertilizer at the time of cultivating the soil

  • Tapioca is easy to grow, and can be started from cuttings or seedlings

  • Take a mature stem from a tapioca plant and cut to a length of 8 to 14 inches

  • While cutting the stems, remove bottom leaves from the cutting

  • Tapioca stem cuttings can be planted directly in the ground or in large pots

  • Here Tapioca cuttings are planted in rows that are spaced about 3 feet apart

  • Tapioca plants can also be grown from seeds but growing from stem cuttings will be the most effective method

  • Plant the Tuber at the center of the bund about 8 inches deep

  • Roots will develop in 2 weeks after the stems are planted in the soil.

  • Irrigate the tubers immediately after planting and keep the soil moist

Tapioca after 30 days 1.jpg

After 30 days:

  • After 30 days, plants will grow by one feet

  • Now remove the weeds around the soil

  • Add some Cow Dung Manure for the Tapioca to boost the growth

  • Cover the manure with the surrounding soil and make it like a bund around the Tapioca plant

  • Water plants after applying slow–release fertilizer are applied

  • You can also feed the Tapioca with a liquid fertilizer like Seaweed Fertilizer, Fish Emulsion, Humic Acid, Panchagavya, Jeevamrutham once in month at the rate of 2 liters per acre throughout the growing season.

  • Ensure plants irrigated regularly, especially during dry periods

Tapioca after 90 days.jpg

After 90 months:

  • After 3 months, Tapioca would have grown by 3 to 4 feet

  • Apply more soil near the roots and increase the size of the bund so that Tubers will start developing

  • At this stage apply like fertilizer like Bio NPK fertilizer so that the leaves can absorb the nutrients and promote the growth of the plant

  • Fertilizers should be applied in circular trench along the periphery of the root zone over a radius of 120cm from the base and forked in lightly without damaging the roots.

  • A fertilizer high in potassium is the best fertilizer  to increase Tuber production.

  • Always water your guava plant after fertilizing to minimize the risk of burns

Harvesting Tapioca at home.jpg

Harvesting Tapioca:

  • Crop can be harvested at 8 to 12 months depending on the variety of the Tapioca.

  • During tuber maturity, the leaves become yellow and 50 % of leaves become dried and sheds off.

  • The soil near the stem base of the stem shows cracking.

  • We can harvest the Tapioca.

  • Tubers can be uprooted by using fork or crow bar or hand labor.

  • You can see many Tapioca from one plant

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