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Red Napier - Fodder Grass Farming

Red Napier - after 60 days

About Red Napier:

  • Red Napier is a multi-cut hybrid green fodder grass that can be used for animals like Cow, Buffalo, Goat, Sheep, Pig, Poultry.

  • They are rich source of starch, protein and edible oil.

  • Red Napier produces good quality herbaceous fodder and is highly palatable.

  • Providing sufficient quantities of fodder to the milch animals will increase of milk production of the animals

How to plant Red Napier

How to plant Red Napier 

  • Red Napier grows best on alluvial, red soils and also  grows well on well drained black soils.

  • It does not thrive well on heavy soils, saline and alkali soils.

  • Sowing time will be best during July to Feburary

  • Seed should be sown in lines spaced at 1 feet and width at 2 feet.

  • Select good quality Red Napier stems with 2 nodes.

  • Plant the stems in the furrows at 45% slope with one node below the soil and one node above the soil

  • After planting the stems irrigate the soil throughly

How to irrigate Red Napier

Irrigation for Red Napier:

  • Irrigate immediately after sowing and give life irrigation on the third day and thereafter twice a week.

  • Red Napier is comparatively more to sensitive to excess moist and stress.

  • It requires irrigation every alternative days during summer season

  • Irrigation will not be required during rainy season.

How to fertilize sorghum fodder

How to fertilize Red Napier:

  • Red Napier responds well to farm yard manure like cow dung manure and poultry manure

  • Apply 2 tonnes farm yard manure per acre before planting Red Napier stems

  • In the absence of farm yard manure, it requires 100 kg bio fertilizer per acre.

  • Manure / Bio fertilizer should also be applied after 25-30 days of planting the stems

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Red Napier after 30 days

Red Napier after 30 days of planting:

  • After 30 days more weeds would have grown in the farm along the the Red Napier stems.

  • Weeding has to be done as weeds rob the nutrients that the soil received from the fertilizer applied.

  • Hence weeding has to be done in the farm using hand labor or through the mechanized tools

  • If necessary, second spell of weeding can be done after 45 days

  • After completing the weeding work, Red Napier grass will grow very fast and densely.

Red Napier after 45 days

Red Napier  - 45 days after planting

  • After 45 days, Red Napier would have grown by 3 to 4 height.

  • Red Napier at this stage will become robust, tufted and has a vigorous root system.

  • They will form dense thick clumps, up to 1 m across.

  • The leaves will be flat, linear, and hairy at the base, 100 cm to 120 cm long, 1 cm to 5 cm wide and redish-green in color.

Red Napier after 75 days

Red Napier  - 75 days after planting

  • ​After 75 days Red Napier would have grown by 6 to 8 feet.

  • Red Napier at this stage can be harvested and can be fed to chickens, ducks, horses and rabbits

  • Red Napier is very palatable because the stalks are tender

  • Then succeeding harvests are every 60 to 70 days.

  • The stalks are cut close to the ground, and in no time, new shoots or ratoon will come out.

Red Napier 5

How to harvest Red Napier

  • ​Red Napier after 90 days would have grown by 10 feet to 12 feet.

  • Red Napier at this stage can be harvested and can be fed to cows, buffalo and horses

  • Harvested Red Napier can be shredded using Chaff cutter and can be fed to cattle's

  • When shredded into fine particles, the same could be fed to vegetable-eating fish like tilapia and Pangasius.

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