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Blog - Organic Farming in India

Organic farmers are true life-savers who work hard to grow healthy and nutritious crops. They maintain and enhance the important of natural resources and protect the environment for the future generations.


Here is some of the management practices in organic farming:

  • Crop rotation to maintain soil fertility and to improve crop protection from various pests

  • Organic nutrient management by improved soil organic matter through manuring, composting or mulching

  • Growing cover crops for controlling insect pests and weeds, preventing soil erosion, as well as improving the nutrient content in the soil

  • Preventive crop protection measures, such as choosing resistant varieties, adaptation of planting or sowing, and harvesting time

  • Using natural predators as a biological pest protection measure

  • Non-chemical weed management practice

  • Anaerobic soil disinfestation to eliminate soil-borne pests

  • Proper space between the crops

  • Soil cultivation using mechanical methods.

  • Recycling materials of within the farm.

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