How to fertilizer Super Napier

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

  • Firstly plow the land deep enough for the plant roots to penetrate deep into the ground making it drought resistant.

  • For the Super Napier grass, fertilization should be done when the new leaves emerge.

  • That is after 20 days of planting the stems, we can give fertilizer to our plants.

  • The best method for obtaining maximum yields from the Super Napier is to broadcast the fertilizer all over the surface of the soil but closer to the stems.

  • Broadcasting is the easy means to apply the fertilizer. Also it helps in uniform fertilizer distribution to all the plants.

  • Cattle Manure is the best fertilizer for the Super Napier Grass or any other organic manure rich in NPK can be used as well.

  • Nitrogen in the manure causes leaf growth and the formation of stems and branches. Phosphorus promotes the development of healthy roots.

  • Potash helps the plant to maintain good growth and protects against the pest, disease damage.

  • We recommend 2 tons of organic fertilizer per acre or apply four bags of 14-14-14 fertilizer.

  • After completing the fertilization, irrigate the Super Napier plants thoroughly.

  • Continue to feed every 2 to 4 months during the growing season so that maximum yield can be achieved from the Super Napier.

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