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How to Prune and Fertilize guava tree

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

Normally guava trees has to be trimmed between November and December during winter season and between March and April during spring season.

During first pruning, the guava tree has to be pruned at a height of 2 feet and it will encourage the growth of lateral branches within a month.

While pruning the guava tree we should select a single trunk, and 3 to 4 lateral branches and remove all other shoots

We can use 2 feet long stick as a measuring scale while pruning the lateral branches. Also Prune out crossing and inward-heading branches.

While pruning the guava tree, make sure you cut the lateral branches in an angle so that so water doesn’t stand on it and cause damage to the branches.

Now most of the branches in the Guava tree has been trimmed and in a month more additional branches will start growing within a month

This NPK bio fertilizer provide crops with nutrients like potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen, and it allows the guava plants to grow bigger and faster.

Organic fertilizer like cow manure, goat manure or chicken manure can also be used for the guava trees.

Also it helps in growth of plants, root and stem development and photosynthesis.

In few weeks, more lateral branches will start growing and in two months guava plants will start flowering and plants will start producing guava.

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