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How to Prune Teak trees in the farm?

Pruning is the process of removing side branches which will increase the height of the tree and reduces knots on the main stem

If we remove the side branches, the tree’s growth will concentrate around the tree’s main stem and its canopy

Pruning commences in the second year of planting. It involves clearing branches and twigs from the lower half of the tree

Pruning can be done anytime except summer. Prune the tree when its branches and twigs are still young and small. Prune the branches, at least 1 inches away from the main stem

Do not cut the branch collar as it will take time to heal. Also cutting the branch collar increases the risk of pests and diseases

You can use hand pruner or pole pruner depending on the size of the tree. Small, young twigs can also be pruned using sharp sickle or machete

If pruning gets delayed, removal of large branches can result in knot defects. Pruning of larger branches can also be susceptible for infection by pest

After pruning the teak tree, fertilize the teak tree

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