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How to apply Fish Amino Liquid Fertilizer for Fruiting Trees

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

Fish Amino Acid is an effective organic liquid fertilizer for growth of fruiting trees and for its blooming.

It is made from waste parts of fish, including bones, scales and skin by mixing them with brown sugar in 1:1 ratio and has been fermented for more than 2 months.

We can use 15 litre battery operated sprayer and add 75 ml of Fish Amino Acid in 15 litre of water and spray over the fruiting trees.

Fish Amino Acid fertilizer can be directly applied to soil or can be applied as foliar spray over the leaves of the fruiting trees.

Trees will easily absorb nutrients from liquid fertilizers, those gives better result than solid type.

Fish Amino acid will Increase soil fertility and enrich soil nutrients. It also promotes the growth of crop roots and leaves, and enhance photosynthesis

Fish Amino Acid fertilizer is rich with nitrogen and encourages growth of the trees during their vegetative state.

It makes the soil very loose, maintains the biomass of microorganisms and earthworms, and guarantees a healthy soil environment.

Fish Amino Acid fertilizer will also repel insects such as worm moths and mites.

Effects of the Fish Amino Acid application can be explicitly seen after 15 to 30 days of application on the fruiting trees.

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