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How to prune and trim guava trees in the farm

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

  • We need to prune and trim the guava tree regularly to encourage the growth of large, high-quality guava at the edges of the trees.

  • Normally guava trees has to be trimmed between November and December during winter season and between March and April during spring season.

  • While pruning the guava tree we should select a single trunk, and 3 to 4 lateral branches and remove all other shoots

  • Also Prune out crossing and inward-heading branches.

  • While pruning the guava tree, make sure you cut the lateral branches in an angle so that so water doesn’t stand on it and cause damage to the branches.

  • After completing pruning for guava tree, make sure you fertilize the guave tree with organic cattle compost and we can expect guava harvest in the next five months

  • Prune your guava tree every six months to maintain its symmetry and remove excessive growth.

  • Also remove Diseased branches and suckers can be removed at any time of year.

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