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How to harvest guava fruits

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

  • Guava fruit will be ripe and ready for harvest about 120 and 150 days after pruning the Guava trees, .

  • In warm year-round locations, guava can produce two crops each year, a large crop in summer followed by a smaller crop in winter.

  • Ripe guavas will develop mature light green as they ripen;

  • These fruits cannot be maintained on the tree longer in ripen stage. So, fruit picking should be done, as sooner as they attain maturity.

  • The changing of the color from green to light yellowish green is an indication of their tender age.

  • There are several ways to harvest fruits. One can go for manual hand picking of fruits at an interval of few days. Fruit plucking machine is also available in the market to harvest fruits.

  • The yield of this fruit crop depends on the plant age, soil fertilization, soil type, frequency of irrigation, pesticide application and disease control.

  • Yield is always different from variety to variety.

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