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How do I plant a tree and care for them?

First prepare a pit of size 2 feet x 2 feet and leave it aside for 2 days so that the heat will go away.

Then add 5 Kg of cow dung manure and cover them with the removed garden soil

Then keep the sapling at the center of the pit and apply 2 kg of cocopeat around the sapling so that the moisture content can be maintained around the sapling.

Then add 5kg of mixed oil cake power around the sapling. Mixed oil cake power is a highly nutrient organic fertilizer and it promotes the growth of the plants to a greater extent. Also this is a nature friendly and best organic fertilizer for home gardening and organic farming.

Now lets cover the sapling with the soil upto to 1 feet high.

Finally irrigate the soil thoroughly and continue irrigating every alternative date till the sapling starts producing new leaves.

This tree will start producing yield after 3 to 4 years.

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