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How to grow Yard Long Beans at Home

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

To grow Yard Long Beans in Terrace garden we can use 12 inch garden grow bags and we them with equal amount of soil and cattle compost.

Sow the long bean seeds about 1 inch deep and spaced about 3 inches apart. Make sure long beans are planted during spring season, once the soil is warm.

After Sowing the seeds, water the grow bags thoroughly. Make sure the soil is moist all the time.

After 7 days, most of the seeds have germinated and true leaves will start coming out.

After 15 days , more leaves have start coming and the long beans have started growing well.

Long Beans need about two inch of water every day for good growth.

Water the long beans early in the day if you are sprinkling so that there will be plenty of time for the leaves to dry. If the leaves are wet overnight, diseases can quickly affect the plants

Fish emulsion is an organic garden fertilizer that is made from waste parts of fish.

It is used as liquid fertilizer and sprayed over the leaves to provide a quick nitrogen boost for the long beans.

After 30 days, vines start developing and starts climbing on any support that they get and the plants starts growing very fast.

After 45 days, the plants will start flowering, and the beans will follow in about two weeks.

Please note, Uniform supply of water is needed for flowering and pod development. If you do not keep beans well-watered, they will stop flowering

After 60 days, beans have started forming, it does not take long for them to start growing longer and longer.

After 70 to 90 days, fresh Long Beans can be harvested every day

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