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How to make use most of your Rooftop Landscape at home?

Once you decide which items you want to grow, it’s important to create a beautiful space that you’ll enjoy. Here a few things to consider to get you started.


Don’t forget to add some comfortable outdoor furniture like a patio sofa, coffee table, and accent chairs. A nice outdoor dining set is another great option that’s perfect for barbecuing or enjoying breakfast out on the roof. Enhance your new rooftop landscape with outdoor lighting options like string lights or solar stake lights for a warm glow when the sun goes down.

Gardening section:

Designate one part of your rooftop solely for gardening. You can do this by creating a raised garden bed or simply by placing your favorite fruits and veggies in pots. Don’t forget to label each plant so you know what you’re growing.

Cooking area:

Leave extra room for cooking and dining. A nice grill station with a small pergola is a great way to cook in the shade.

Place a bar and some barstools nearby so that everyone has a place to sit down while dinner’s being made.

Rooftop Theater For Movie Nights:

On warm summer nights, there’s nothing better than watching a movie on the roof with some friends. Stylize your projector screen by framing it with some potted palm trees. You can even hide the speakers behind or even in the branches of the plant for an immersive outdoor movie watching experience.

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