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How to plant, grow and harvest Banana trees ?

Lets see, how to plant and grow Banana Tree in the garden. Here we are going to use Banana Rhizome to grow Banana tree

Normally banana trees grows well in tropical and subtropical climate.

Before planting a banana plant, we need to find a warm, and wind protected space and the right time to plant is well before summer.

Banana varieties vary in size and need to be planted accordingly. Most varieties are planted at a gap of 12 feet. Dwarf varieties can be planted 10 to 11 feet apart.

First prepare a pit of 1 and half feet wide and 1 feet depth. Larger pits should be used in areas of high wind

Next Prepare the soil by adding organic manure mix which consist of cattle manure and neem oil cake powder before planting the banana rhizome.

Then add some of the existing soil and am mixing the manure well with the soil.

Plant the Rhizome in the centre of the pit and soil around is compacted. Soil around the plant is gently pressed.

After planting use some of the existing soil and create a ring around the banana rhizome so that this will help retaining the moisture in the soil

Water the banana rhizome through until the soil becomes moist. This will reduce air pockets in the soil and the moisture level will be maintained for longer duration.

Make sure to water the banana plant daily during the evenings. Bananas require a lot of water, but they are prone to rotting if the water does not drain adequately.

After 10 days, New leaves start growing inside, below the ground. They will push up through the middle and will emerge from the centre of the crown

After 30 days, the banana plant will grow upto 2 feet’s and more leaves have come out.

After 90 days, lets Fertilize the banana tree. We can use store bought bio fertilizer, compost, manure, or a mixture of these and apply at an even ring around the banana plant and repeat at every quarter.

Fertilizers that we apply should be rich in Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium to get better yield form Banana tree. Bananas require very high amounts of Potassium, but the other nutrients are important as well.

Here we are applying well composted cow dung manure and it is rich in Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium and the banana tree will give good yield. After fertilizing Water the ring of fertilizer as well to help it soak into the soil

Water the banana tree frequently but avoid over-watering. Under watering is a common cause of banana plant death, but over-watering can cause the roots to rot

In warm growing weather without rain, you may need to water your plant daily. In cooler temperatures when the banana is barely growing, you may only need to water once every week or two.

If diseased plants are discovered, identify and treat them immediately, or uproot them. Insect pests should also be controlled as soon as they are found.

Normally banana tree will produce flowers in 6-7 months under ideal conditions, but may take up to a year depending on the climate.

Never remove the leaves around the flower, as they protect it from the sun. Also proper support needs to be provided for the banana tree.

The dwarf bananas are ready for harvest within 11- 14 months after planting, while tall varieties will take about 14-16 months to harvest.

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