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How to plant Super Napier grass stems for Dairy Farms?

Super Napier is a high yielding green fodder grass for Dairy Farms. They can give yield upto 250 tonne per acre in a year. They can grow by 12 feet to 15 feet within 90 days. Super Napier has protein content upto 16% and very food for Daily Animals.

First step in planting Super Napier is Cultivating the soil. This is Black soil and it requires ploughing and cross-ploughing to be well broken. Hence we are using Heavy duty tractor with Cultivator attachment for prepare the soil. It Tills the soil which has deep roots, unwanted plants, shrubs and weeds and is Best for land preparation. Repeat this activity after one week so that the new plants and weeds can be removed from the soil and the land get 100% ready for planting super napier

Next we are going make furrows to plant Super Napier stems. Before making furrows, Stretch out a rope across the plot to make sure you have a straight line. Now lets make Furrows at a gap of 2 feet width and 1 feet high. Here we are using hand labor to make furrows. We can also use Furrow ridge tools attached to your tractor for toughest cultivation with outstanding penetration

Now furrows are ready and we can plant the stems. We can plant 10,000 to 12,000 stems per acre. We can use the hoe and measuring stick, plant the seedlings at a gap of 1 feet. Each stem should be at least 1 feet in length and should have 2 nodes. While planting one node should go inside the soil and one node should be outside the soil. Also please ensure the nodes are facing upward else the stem will not grow and will die. After completing one row you can similarly complete planting stems other rows in your farm.

Watering should be done immediately after planting Super Napier stems. Watering should be done twice a week depending on type of the soil. Waste water from the cattle shed can also be used for irrigation and is best source of manure. Super Napier grows well in all types of water.

Super Napier stems will start germinating within 7 to 10 days and weeds will also start growing in the farm. These weeds rob your plants of the benefits from fertilizer you apply and will start growing well. Hence after 30 days, weeding has to be done for the plants. If necessary, second spell of weeding can be done after 45 days. After that, Super Napier grass will grow very fast and densely.

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