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What are the benefits of Super Napier?

Super Napier is a high yielding green fodder.

Super Napier can yield 180 to 200 tonnes per acre per year

They grow up to a high height 12 feet to 15 feet

Super Napier has high crisp leaves.

Super Napier can be harvested eight times a year

The yield is made in a short period of time.

Normally first harvest can be done after 75 to 90 days of planting and can be fed to cows and buffaloes

If there is excess harvest because there are not enough animals to eat the newly cut grass, the same could be shredded and made into silage.

The shredded leaves and stalks could also be made into organic fertilizer by mixing the same with cattle manure.

When shredded into fine particles, the same could be fed to vegetable-eating fish like tilapia and Pangasius

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