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What are the benefits of Humic Acid Liquid Fertilizer?

Humic acid is derived from decomposed remains of organic life, residues and microbial cells with physical, chemical and biological processes and it improves the efficiency of phosphate fertilizers

Humic acid neutralizes acidic and alkaline soils and regulates pH-value of soils. Also they Improve and optimizes uptake of nutrients and water holding capacity. They stimulates plant growth with its rich organic and mineral substances

Humic acid is also a powerful growth promoter. They stabilizes nitrogen and improves nitrogen efficiency, thereby making it an ideal additive with compost.

Humic acid is best applied when preparing the soil for gardening. Add 1 liter of Humic acid in 200 ltr water and Mix the water well before sending the water in the drip pipe line.

You can also spray the solution on the underside of the plant leaves. Either way works to boost plant health and ensure wonderful yield

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