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Organic Maize farm


  • Rehoboth Organic Farms is specialized in Organic Farming in Tamil Nadu, India

  • Rehoboth Organic Farms motivates the farmers by teaching them organic farming methods

  • Super Napier farming procedures are explained here to help dairy farmers .

  • Super Napier stems are supplied to the Dairy Farmers at nominal cost

  • Rehoboth Organic Farms also supply saplings of Coconut and Guavas at nominal cost.

  • Rehoboth Organic Farms supports Livestock farming for organic manure preparations for the plants in the farm.

Super Napier plants at Rehoboth Organic


  • We are specialized in Organic Super Napier Farming in Tamil Nadu, India.

  • Super Napier is a high yielding green fodder grown at Rehoboth Organic farms to feed the dairy animals.

  • Super Napier can yield 180 to 200 tonnes per acre per year

  • Super Napier can be harvested eight times a year

  • First harvest can be done after 75 days

  • Subsequent harvest can be done after every 45 days

  • 45 days old chopped or shredded plant is suitable for pig, horse, chicken, rabbits and ducks

  • 45-55 days old well grown plant is good for cows, beef cattle and goats

Organic Coconut Farming in Tamil


  • Coconut can grow over a wide range of soil such as loamy, coastal, sandy, laterite, clayey, alluvial soil

  • Rehoboth Organic farms grows both Talls and Dwarfs palms.

  • Coconut palm is mainly propagated through seedlings.

  • Seedlings are raised from only selected seed nuts of coconut for healthy growth rate and optimum production

  • Generally, planting should be done of only 10 to 12 months old raised seedlings.

  • Harvesting should be done at their tender age for water purpose.

Guava Farming in Rehoboth Organic Farms.


  • We are specialized in Organic Guava Farming in Tamil Nadu, India.

  • L49 Guavas are grown at Rehoboth Organic Farms.

  • Hot and arid climate at Ariyalur is most suitable for guava.

  • Guava can tolerate heat and litter.

  • Irrigation should be done 10-15 days in heavy land and 5-7 days in light soil.

  • Make a plate in depth and apply cow dung manure,  before the end of the rainfall in June-July

  • Guava trees produce flowers and fruits thrice a year 

  • After 120-140 days of flowering, the fruit begins to ripen.

  • When the colour of the fruit starts falling light yellow, then it is harvested.

  • Every year 400 to 600 fruits are obtained from a full grown guava plant, which weight 125 to 150 kg

Banana farming in Rehoboth Organic Farms


  • Bananas grows in tropical or warm subtropical climate.

  • Bananas prefer a soil pH between 5.5 and 6.5

  • Bananas are grown from root divisions or cuttings

  • ​Space banana plants 5 to 6 feet apart.

  • Bananas grow best in full sun, but the leaves and fruit will sunburn and scorch in bright sunlight when temperatures are high.

  • Protect bananas from wind for maximum yield

  • When fruit is harvested, cut the fruiting stalk back to about 30 inches above the ground; the stub will die back and can be removed after several weeks

Muskmelon farming at Rehoboth Organic Fa


  • Muskmelon grows well in deep fertile and well-drained soil

  • Sandy loam rich in organic matter with good drainage and pH range of 6.5 - 7.5

  • During summer, irrigation the crop every week.

  • When rinds begin to change from green to tan or yellow, the melon is probably ripe, but be careful not to pick too early.

  • Look for a crack in the stem where it attaches to the fruit.

  • Harvest melon when vines are dry, and be careful not to damage them

Dairy Farming in Rehoboth Organic Farms.


  • We are specialized in Organic Dairy Farming in Ariyalur, Tamil Nadu, India.

  • Efficient management of a dairy farm is the key to success

  • Cattle feeding cost a total of 70% of the milk production

  • Cattle are fed with fodder, grains, brans, green fodder, straw, oil cakes and other such cattle feed.

  • The feed for a normal adult animal is 15-20 Kg of green fodder and 6 Kg of dry fodder per day.

  • During the last trimester of pregnancy, the animals must not be taken far away for grazing and uneven paths for grazing must be avoided

  • Poor animal health is one of the principal constraints to increasing small-scale dairy productivity, as it results in high morbidity and low production. 

Home Gardening in Rehoboth Organic Farms


  • We are specialized in Organic Home Gardening in Tamil Nadu, India.

  • Home gardening plan may include selecting the right location, determining the size of the garden, deciding upon the types and varieties of vegetables to plant.

  • You must select a place where the soil is loose, rich and well-drained

  • Make sure there is a water supply

  • Plant in raised beds with rich soil. Raised beds become more space-efficient by gently rounding the soil to form an arc

  • Avoid planting in square patterns or rows. Instead, stagger the plants by planting in triangles. By doing so, you can fit 10 to 14% more plants in each bed.

  • Stretch your season by covering the beds

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