How to Fertilize Okra plants in the Terrace Garden

Updated: Apr 12

  • Okra plants are heavy feeders and they grows well if the soil is well fertilized.

  • 30 days after planting okra, we should enrich your soil using organic fertilizer like cattle compost, or we can also apply balanced organic fertilizer with primary nutrients with nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium

  • While applying the organic fertilizer to the okra plants, remove some of the soil around the okra plants in circular trench and apply organic fertilizer and cover them with the soil and irrigate them thoroughtly

  • Organic Liquid fertilizer like Panchagavya and Fish emulsion can be applied to the okra plants to increase the immunity and promote plant growthof the okra plants

  • Mix the 30 ml of the organic liquid fertilizer with one litre of water in a sprayer and spray the diluted mix over the okra plants.

  • Epsom salts can also be provided to aid flowering of the okra plants are as they are rich in magnesium.

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