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How to increase flowering of Fruiting trees?

Lets see how to prepare Fermented Coconut Milk & Buttermilk Mixture for fruiting trees.

This fermented mixture will promote the flowering of all fruiting trees to a greater extent.

Take 10 liters of Fermented Buttermilk in to the container and add 10 liters of Coconut milk to the container. After adding the mixture, close the lid air tight and allow to ferment for 10 days.

After 10 days, the mixture would have fermented and would be ready for usage

Mix the fermented mixture very well and filter the mixture thoroughly before using them

Now the Concentric liquid fertilizer mixture is ready for usage

Dilute the concentric mixture in 1:10 ratio before applying as foliar spray

Move the diluted mixture in to the battery sprayer

Spray the mix in evening in such a way that the mix drips of the leaves

This is to give the spray some time to immerse in leaves

Prepare the mix just before the flowering season and spray it in the right time

This solution helps enhance plant growth, repels insects and increases resistance to fungal diseases

This also enhances flowering of the fruiting trees

It acts as a nutritious feed and helps produce profound blooms, bigger-sized fruits

Continue this application twice an year for better yield

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