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How to grow Sweet Potatoes at home

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

Normally Sweet potatoes grow well in any well-drained soil and in a sunny location.

Take a 12” garden grow bag and the potting medium we have used is well-drained soil, compost and cocopeat in equal composition.

Then take sweet potato stem cutting and removed the lower leaves, leaving only the top ones

Make holes 6 inches deep and Bury slips up to the top leaves, press the soil down gently but firmly. Lightly cover with a few inches of additional soil. Finally Irrigate the growbag thoroughly till be soil become moist

Within a week, they will develop roots and they will start growing and will produce new leaves.

Side-dress the sweet potato plants 3 to 4 weeks after planting the stems cuttings. If you have sandy soil, use more.

Weed the sweet potato beds regularly starting 2 weeks after planting.

Water regularly, especially during mid-summer. Deep watering in hot, dry periods will help to increase yields.

Do not prune sweet potato vines; they should be vigorous.

Be sure to plant your sweet potatoes in full sun to part shade. They generally prefer full sun but appreciate some afternoon shade in hot, dry regions

Sweet potatoes are not heavy feeders, but it's important to give them balanced nutrition, typically with proper soil preparation. Overfeeding tends to promote growth of foliage rather than tubers. The best approach is to add compost to the beds before planting the sweet potatoes.

Once established, sweet potatoes will tolerate growing in dry soil. It's best to keep it evenly moist with 1 inch of water given once a week. Don't water your sweet potatoes during the final three to four weeks prior to harvest to prevent the mature tubers from splitting.

Sweet potatoes mature will get matured in 150 to 170 days. Harvest when the leaves and ends of the vines have started turning yellow.

You can start digging up the potatoes as soon as they are big.

Loosen the soil around each plant to avoid injuring the tubers. Cut away some of the vines.

Pull up the plant’s primary crown and dig up the tubers by hand. Handle the sweet potatoes carefully, as they might damaged easily.

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