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Is Super Napier grass good for Dairy Cows?

Super Napier is a high yielding green fodder and has protein content ranging from 16% to 18%

Super Napier can yield 180 to 200 tonnes per acre per year

They grow up to a high height 12 feet to 15 feet

Super Napier has high crisp leaves.

Super Napier can be harvested six to eight times a year depending upon the soil fertility

Roots around the nodes can quickly grow.

75 days old Super Napier plants can be fed to cows, buffalo, chickens, horses and goats.

Super Grass is very palatable because the stalks are tender

It has a wide range of adaptability so that many farmers can benefit from it.

Harvesting is done at intervals of 60 to 70 days.

First harvest, however, is made three months from planting.

Then succeeding harvests are every 60 to 70 days.

The stalks are cut close to the ground, and in no time, new shoots or ratoon will come out.

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