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What are the disadvantages of Red Napier?

Red Napier grass is an aggressive plant it grows by 12 feet to 15 feet and it absorbs the nutrients in the soil to grow well.

If you are planting Red Napier in the Coconut Farm or another farm as intercrop, Red Napier will grow well but the growth and yield of the main crop will get hindered. Due to this additional fertilization needs to be done for the main crops.

Red Napier stems and leaves will be palatable if they are harvested before 90 days. Cattles will not eat the older stems as they will be hard.

Red Napier has hairy structures in the base of the leaves and it will be itchy and can produce allergic reactions that can be serious in sensitive persons

Also Red Napier leaves thin nature of a blade at the edges and can cause microscopic scratches in your skin.

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